Blazin’ Thaw Defrosting Tray 14” Large Size

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Swift Thawing with the 14” Blazin’ Thaw Tray

Experience the convenience of the 14" Large Size Blazin’ Thaw Defrosting Tray, a perfect solution for singles and couples. Crafted from high-grade aluminum with a non-stick Teflon coating, this 6mm thick tray accelerates thawing while keeping your kitchen mess-free, thanks to its silicone edges. Enhance your thawing process with its increased surface area and enjoy the ease of dishwasher-safe cleanup.

Why Choose Blazin' Thaw?

We listened to what our home cooks cared about most: Thawing times & Size.
We researched what truly made a difference in the time and effectiveness of thawing.
Premium Grade aluminum materials, wider and deeper draining channels and an upgrade in size.

Thawing Made Easy

The unique design allows for effective and fast defrosting. Draining channels for a mess free thaw.
You can finally leave behind the conventional methods of thawing and start naturally thawing all your frozen meats and food.

Natural, Timely & Mess-Free

Simply place frozen meats or food flat on the plate and let the tawing board do all the work!
Perfect for busy moms and dads or anyone who forget to leave out their food to defrost!

Customer Reviews

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Amber Dove
Blazin thaw is an excellent product

I don't typically leave reviews but this tray is incredible. My wife and I are notorious for not laying food out to defrost. This product eliminates any issue with that. We've tested chicken breasts and 1 lb of ground beef from frozen and they were fully thawed quickly. A much better method than water in a bowl.

Works great!

I've used this three times and had great results. I think it could be a little wider.

Amazon Customer
Don't hesitate to get this!

This tray doesn't drip, no hot water needed. Thaws in half the time as other methods. Safer than some other ways of thawing. Turn the meat or whatever every 20 minutes and it won't be long. Game charger when you're forgetful to get dinner out to thaw early enough. Good buy. Fits 4 chicken breasts or strip steaks, and hamburger and chops. Love this!

Really good if you put it on top of hot water

This is a really good defrosting tray when the tray is placed over a bowl of hot water. They advertise no water needed but it thaws at least 35% faster when placed over hot water because of the thickness of the tray. Put an ice cube on the tray without water and with water and you will see a significant difference.

Amazon Customer
Blazin Thaw takes it to the next level

This is a well designed product that takes the same old thaw plate to the next level. the board has deeper drip lines and heat sink finned design on the bottom for better thawing. The silicone end caps prevents water ending up all over your counter and allows for better circulation underneath the plate. The finish is is smooth and burr free, with an excellent non-stick coating. I looked at everything I could find and trust me the additional couple of dollars you invest are well worth it. I HIGHLY recommend this product and seller!