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Grill your delicate foods with ease.

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Seamless BBQ experience with our trays.

Prep, Grill, Serve.

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Experience even grilling with ease.

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Our goal at the Blazin' House is simple.

We do our best to provide innovative, practical, easy-to-use, quality kitchen & BBQ products at an affordable price to our customers.

Founded by a team of enthusiastic home cooks & grilling fans, our journey began with a simple mission..

To transform everyone's kitchen & bbq experience!

Roll through your next BBQ!

Master the Art of Grilling with Blazin' Grill Accessories

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The future of thawing with

Blazin' Thaw

Simple & Easy To Use

Place frozen food on the defrosting/thawing tray and let the tray work its magic.

Time-Saving Convenience

Thaws frozen foods faster than soaking in hot or cold water and ensures a mess-free clean up.

Innovative & Efficient Thawing

Made from premium-grade aluminum material for timely and natural thawing.

Health & Flavor Preservation

Avoid slightly cooking meats & foods using the microwave and ensure nutrients & taste to remain intact.

Variety of Sizes & Editions

Catering to all needs with a range of 14" large size, 16" family size & premium editions.

Hear what our customers are saying!

Emily R., Home Chef

Life-Changing Kitchen Tool

The Blazin' Thaw has completely changed my meal prep routine! I'm amazed at how quickly and evenly it thaws meat without compromising on taste or texture. A must-have in every kitchen!

Mike L., Grill Master

Perfect for BBQ Enthusiasts

The Blazin' Grill Prep & Serving Trays have elevated my BBQ game. They're perfect for organizing and serving, and the quality is top-notch. An essential for any grilling aficionado!

Linda F., Culinary Enthusiast

Quality You Can Feel

I'm impressed with the quality and design of the Blazin' Grill Rolling Basket. It's durable, easy to use, and makes grilling a variety of foods a breeze. A definite must-have.


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