Blazin’ Thaw Defrosting Tray 16” Family Size

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Family-Sized Thawing Excellence with Blazin’ Thaw 16”

Meet the Blazin’ Thaw Defrosting Tray 16” Family Size – your ideal companion for family meals and gatherings. Spanning 16" x 8" with a 6mm thickness, it's engineered for enhanced cold absorption, ensuring quicker thawing for larger quantities. Crafted from high-grade aluminum and coated with non-stick Teflon, it promises both durability and ease of use. This tray's increased surface area accelerates thawing times, and the added silicone edges provide a mess-free thawing process. Not just functional, it's also dishwasher safe, blending seamlessly into your family kitchen routine.

Why Choose Blazin' Thaw?

We listened to what our home cooks cared about most: Thawing times & Size.
We researched what truly made a difference in the time and effectiveness of thawing.
Premium Grade aluminum materials, wider and deeper draining channels and an upgrade in size.

Thawing Made Easy

The unique design allows for effective and fast defrosting. Draining channels for a mess free thaw.
You can finally leave behind the conventional methods of thawing and start naturally thawing all your frozen meats and food.

Natural, Timely & Mess-Free

Simply place frozen meats or food flat on the plate and let the tawing board do all the work!
Perfect for busy moms and dads or anyone who forget to leave out their food to defrost!

Customer Reviews

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Works well

To start the board does seem to work well. The red rubber ends do not secure on. They fall off very easily and a stiffer rubber boots would stay on better.

My recommendation is even though I went with the large one it still is very small and a larger meats such as pork belly or a brisket will not fit on this board. I would love yo see a X-Large version that is more like 20''x30''

DalTena Brown
Great defroster

I enjoy using this product

Works better than I thought!

Huge "pub burgers" thawed in an hour or so. That's TWO of them.

Curiosity satisfied

It actually works. Infact better than I expected.

It really works!

I love to buy food in bulk and freeze, especially meats since I like a good quality of meats from specific stores that I can't always make it to. I often take meats out of the freezer and thaw them in the fridge with good intentions to cook a meal later, but with two small kids things can get thrown off.With this thawing tray I can take meats out a couple hours before cooking when I know I'll have time. It actually works. I have thawed burger patties and chicken breasts on this tray shortly before cooking. Because I left the meat in its packaging before freezing I did have to run it under cold water so that I could get the packaging off. I imagine I wouldn't have to do that if the meat had been frozen in ziplock of vacuum bags. In a couple hours I had perfectly thawed meats that were ready to cook! This tray really has saved me money and time!The only things I don't like are that the red rubber feet attachments on the ends do not stay put and the grooves in the tray collect water and take a while to dry. You can easily fix the drying issue if you turn it long ways on the dish rack, but I use dish mats.This is a great product that I recommend!